FAR Association for Democratic Education, Bulgaria (EN)

FAR is a free and independent association and wants to contribute to 

  • encourage people from different generations to get involved in political and social processes
  • achieve and support independent opinion making, rethinking and moral courage
  • discuss in public important topics such as the European integration of the country or the increasing emigration of young Bulgarians


FAR is a local structure for the broad political education of youths and adults in the Burgas region. It offers national and international education and conveys: 

  • current topics and a new learning culture
  • a contribution towards adequate democratic concepts for South Eastern Europe
  • acquirement and consolidation of key competences for young people as an important precondition for their active participation in social life
  • awareness concerning chances for the development of young Bulgarians in their own country


FAR History

„FAR - Association for youth education and media pedagogy“ in Burgas was founded as a result of the first German-Bulgarian student magazine seminar in 1995. FAR is the Bulgarian word for light house. 

At the beginning, the association worked only with a voluntary crew and cooperated with the German partner „Haus am Maiberg - academy for political and social education“ to organize seminars. The members of the association are mainly students, teachers and pedagogues. 

The foundation and the establishment of FAR is a model for contemporary youth work in NGOs in the Bulgarian civil society.


Since the end of 2001, FAR has enlarged its seminar offers and works specifically on the development of adult education, especially teachers’ advanced trainings. To emphasize this new focus the name was changed into „FAR – Association for Democratic Education“. Since March 2008 FAR is a member of the International Bauorden, IBO and is responsible for the organization of work camps in the Burgas region.


The socio-cultural changes in the context of the transformation processes in the Balkan countries and their consequences have not been reflected very much. For this reason there is a high need for meetings, seminars and other educational offers, which contribute actively and sustainably to the sphere of democratic education. After a long vacuum, people in these countries will become aware again of the pedagogical importance and chances of non-formal youth and adult education.

In this context FAR understands itself as a place for non-formal, integral, political and social learning and offers space and time for pedagogical arrangements outside school and public institutions. Through contemporary education programmes FAR is able to provide continuing education for wide circles of society.

FAR aims at establishing its educational offers for youths and adults according to its experiences and applying new methods. Therefore the activities should be geared towards the current local situation and communicate socio-political contents in seminars in an applied way.


Previous projects


2002 - 2003 „Measures for political education in South Eastern Europe“

Financed in cooperation with U.G. for peace pedagogy D@dalos, Sarajevo, and means of the stability pact of the Department for Foreign Affairs


  • Module 6 - Activities on political education for youths and teachers

During this five-month project module two seminars were held for youths and three for teachers with a total of 100 participants.


  • Module 2 - International Summer Camp 2003 in Kiten, Bulgaria

32 youths from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania participated in the encounter. The thematic emphasis was the current problems of the young democracies in South Eastern Europe.


  • Modified Module - „Local Political Education“

In the course of four months, there three seminars were held on the topics minorities, human rights, democracy for different target groups (students, school headmasters). Furthermore five multiplicators for political education were trained in another seminar.


September 2003 – July 2005 „GILE – Intercultural learning in Europe for people of all ages“


International seminars for people of all generations to promote lifelong learning. People of different ages and distinct cultural and social backgrounds exchange individual perspectives and knowledge about social changes and developments in Europe. Involved nations: Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia.


February 2004 – May 2004 „Project work at school“

Non-formal participation for the consolidation of the school representatives, school journal „YO-YO“ and the Europe club, recently founded by the students of the Goethe school.


Februar 2004 – bis März 2006     „I.M.PACT Training programme for EDC projects in SEE“

Development of a training concept for political education in South Eastern Europe including the training of trainers and following seminars. NGOs from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldavia, Romania and Serbia participated.


June 2004 – December 2005 „Teaching politics in SEE“

in cooperation with the association for peace pedagogy D@dalos, Sarajevo.


  • Follow-up meeting in June 2004 in Sarajevo for the participants of the international combined study course 2003. During these three days the emphasis laid on continuing the work on the development of methods, exchanging experiences among the diploma holders and the consolidation of the created network in South Eastern Europe.


  • Regional Youth camp in July 2004 about the topic: „Learning Democracy in South Eastern Europe“ (II). Multinational youth encounter for students from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania about the topic „The European Union and the Eastern Enlargement“. The aims were to reduce prejudices, develop contacts and friendships as well as the provocation of a critical examination of the democratization process. Working language: German.


  • Three successive activities (in March, June and September) of the combined study course „Teaching politics in SEE“ for participants (teachers and representatives of NGOs) from Bulgaria and Romania. The focus of the work was on elaborating methods, exchange of experience and advanced training for teachers in the field of democracy formation in the new acceding countries. Thanks to this 20 multiplicators for political education in South Eastern Europe were trained. Working language: German.


  • Regional youth camp in July 2005. Multinational youth encounter for students from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania on the topic „Diversity in the Balkan States and in Europe“, in which 35 young people from the Balkans participated and discussed about the cultures and the understanding of politics in their countries. Working language: German.


  • Modified module on the topic „Political education in practice“

Within the framework of this module FAR organized

- an international conference on political education for the tenth anniversary celebration of the association (in October)

- a two day event with representatives of different target groups (50 participants) including presentations of the partner organisations and discussions about the role of political educations in countries like Bulgaria.

- two seminars for youths and adults (advanced training for teachers) with 48 participants.


2006 - Project „Integration processes East-West“ - in cooperation with the academy for political and social education Haus am Maiberg


This project gave the opportunity for the transfer of reciprocal knowledge. The focus laid on the transfer from East to West contrary to the current tendency from West to East.


May 2007- May 2009 – Project „Bulgaria in the EU“

in cooperation with the academy for political and social education Haus am Maiberg


2008 -Two work camps 

in cooperation with the Swiss Bauorden

  • Work camp in the children’s home „Sturche“ in Sredetz 
  • Work camp for the renovation of the sports hall Stranja in Sredetz 


Since 1995 the FAR association organizes German-Bulgarian youth encounters in cooperation with the academy for political and social education Haus am Maiberg. 


  • Once a year, in spring, the traditional Bulgarian-German school magazine workshop “Travelling reporters at the Black Sea“ is organized in Burgas, where the focus is on the Bulgarian-German cultural exchange and the examination of current socio-political topics in Bulgaria.   Working Language: German.


  • Once a year, in October, the analogue seminar “Travelling reporters at the Bergstraße“ takes place in Germany.



December 2018

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